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Team Building Mixology Classes NYC, fun office day out activities; Bachelorette Party Cocktail Classes in New York, book on-line today!
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Mixology Classes NYC

Fun Cocktail Mixology Classes in New York for Team Building and Bachelorettes
Are you looking for a fun activity to  incorporate in your office day out or at  team building event with your clients?   There is nothing more exciting than booking a  Mixology Class in New York where you will learn  in a fun and relaxed atmosphere how to make a  few classic or modern drinks.    Get ready for shaking under the “strict”  supervision of your own personal Tom Cruise (oh well, maybe not quite him but we dont mind  asking for you - you never know)!
Fun Activities for Bachelorette Parties in  New York - Mixology Classes NYC.  Our Mixology Classes in NYC for Bachelorette  Parties are the best activity your money can  get. Learn the beautiful art of Mixology  where we will teach you to make, shake and  muddle the best cocktails in a fun and  relaxed environment!   Our tip for you? Don’t forget to bring your  dancing shoes, its going to be a wild one!
Book your place in the Best Mixology  Classes  in New York and lets get ready  for some serious fun! If you always wanted to step behind the bar  and learn how to make a cocktail this is your  chance to make it happen. Our Cocktail Mixology Classes in New York are  the perfect activity for the Mixology  enthusiasts looking to learn how to make  their favourite cocktails in a fun and relaxed  environment!
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Best Cocktail Mixology Classes in New York, book on-line today!

Cocktail making was always a cool thing but since Tom took it on the big screen as a New York bartender in "Cocktail" the whole thing went into overdrive! Learn how to mix with the best barmen around at our Mixology Classes in NYC, our cocktail bartenders available for hire can teach you the secret behind making a perfect Cosmopolitan or the much loved Manhattan, a refreshing Mojito or the sparkling Champagne Cocktail.

Mixology Classes NYC

The perfect Team Building Activity in NYC , our fun and entertaining Mixology Classes in New York provide a unique environment to facilitate networking with clients or bonding with your employees at your Office Night Out in New York in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. We will either come at your office with all the gear required or we can organise a venue in town, the choice is yours.

Want to learn how to make amazing cocktails in a fun and relaxed environment? Keep reading, the following is for you. Our classes... 
  Best Mixology Classes in  NYC, hosted in 4 locations around town for your  convenience our Cocktail Classes in New York are  the best Team Building Activity!
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  Learn how to make the  most amazing cocktails and have a great time  while you are at it! Our Fun Mixology Classes NYC   for Bachelorette Parties will kick start your night  in style! 
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Team Building Mixology Classes NYC

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Team Building Cocktail  

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Cocktail Classes NYC

mixology classes in new york mixology classes NYC
Are you ready for a night of serious fun in New York with Mixology Classes NYC Get your friends together and lets learn the beautiful art of Mixology!
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Cocktail Mixology Classes NYC

Fun Cocktail Making Classes in New York for Team Building, Birthday Parties and Bachelorettes

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Mixology Classes NYC
The Perfect Team Building Activity or  Birthday & Bachelorette Party kick start.  Want to know more?
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Ready...Steady...Cocktails! Fun Cocktail Mixology Classes available in New York for  private and corporate parties! Book your Mixology Class and learn how to shake, mix  and muddle your favourite cocktails in a fun and relaxed environment!                    Our Cocktail Mixology Classes in New York are the perfect activity for Team Building  Events, Client Entertaining, Bachelorette Parties and Birthdays! You can book your Mixology Class on any day of the week in our venues or at your  home for your convenience, get your best friends together and let us show you some  techniques you can take home with you and impress your friends next time you all  meet up at a party!  
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Mixology Classes, Team Building and

Bachelorette Parties Cocktail Classes NYC

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Mixology Classes NYC

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Cocktail Mixology Classes New York

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