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Book your Bachelorette Party Mixology Class in NYC and learn how to mix with the best. Get ready to shake in style!
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Bachelorette Party Cocktail Classes NYC

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Book your Bachelorette Party Mixology Class in NYC and get ready to shake the night away with the best barmen  around. Charming, entertaining and polite, our cocktail barmen available for hire in New York will teach you the  secrets of making the best Sex on the Beach and to die for Cosmopolitan’s or the exotic Mai Tai! From the  Classics to the more Modern Cocktails, we can tailor the Masterclass to suit your party theme and colour. Book  our Cocktail Classes today and the team at Mixology Classes NYC will help you kick start your Bachelorette Party  in NYC with style! 

Cocktail Classes New York

Lights...Camera...Cocktails! Your Bachelorette Party should be  nothing short of spectacular and a Mixology Class in NYC will help  you start your night in the best possible way! We provide our  Cocktail Classes in 4 venues in town (please see the panel to your  right), choose the one that suits and let us look after the rest. Our sessions include a Cocktail Masterclass where you will learn to  make (and drink) 3 to 4 cocktails per person under the “strict”  supervision of your own mixologist. A small competition will end  your Mixology Class in NYC where we will test your newly acquired  skills in a fun environment!
bachelorette party mixology classes nyc bachelorette party mixology classes NYC

Fun Mixology Classes For Bachelorette Parties NYC

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Mixology Classes for Bachelorette Parties

mixology classes NYC mixology class in NYC bachelorette party cocktaiol mixology class NYC
Book your Mixology Class in NYC at a  venue in town (pick one from our panel  of 4) or we may come to your house, the  choice is yours. There is nothing more exciting than booking a  Mixology Class in New York where you will learn  in a fun and relaxed atmosphere how to make a  few classic or modern drinks all under the  “strict” supervision of your own personal Tom  Cruise (oh well, maybe not quite him but we  don’t mind asking for you - you never know)! Ready...Steady...Cocktails!
Here at Mixology Classes NYC we are  passionate about  helping you create an  eclectic & unique Bachelorette Party  experience,  complete with memories that will  last a lifetime!      Shake up your night with a couple of irresistible  and  gorgeous cocktails in our Classy Cocktail  Masterclass.  Book your Cocktail Class in New  York and let our charming barmen keep you   moving and shaking all night long! We will come  at your house/apartment with all the gear or  we can organise a venue in town, the choice is  yours!
Is your long awaited Birthday Party  coming soon and you are stuck for  ideas? Book one of our Cocktail Classes in NYC and  let us look after your ladies in style! We can  either come to you or we can have the  Masterclass at one of our 4 venues in town,  pick the one that suits you better. Let our  experienced  bartenders keep you moving and  shaking all night long. They're entertaining  and charming, they're perfect gentlemen and  they will show you how to make the most  delicious cocktails. 
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mixology classes mixology classes mixology classes mixology classes in new york mixology classes NYC
Get ready for a night of shaking in New York with our Bachelorette Party Mixology Classes where you will learn to make your favourite cocktails!
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Mixology Classes NYC

The Perfect Team Building Activity or  Birthday & Bachelorette Party kick start.  Want to know more?
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Our Locations
3rd Ave., at 11th St. A sports bar atmosphere with multiple HD TVs, private party rooms an several familiar faces, this venue is everyone's favorite neighborhood meeting spot.
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Uptown Amsterdam Ave This lively sports bar offers an extensive food and drink menu serving American fare, specialty cocktails and a full beer menu. Best place to enjoy a few drinks with your friends and learn how to make them at the same time!
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Gramercy   This chic  bar with urban attitude is centered on an incredibly ornamented bar and a panoramic view of Gramercy. Sidebar offers sophisticated, American Cuisine including seasonal sangria.
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East Village, 116 Ave  Opened last December  the cozy, film noir- inspired bar — with dark wooden interior modeled after Vienna's Loos Bar — sets the stage for some killer cocktails that often riff playfully on mid-century classics. 
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Bachelorette Mixology Classes NYC 

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Mixology Classes New York

Bachelorette Party Mixology Classes NYC      

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Bachelorette Mixology Classes NYC

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